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Fishing Videos

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I started to produce my Fishing Vlogs (Videos) in 2017 and have produced over 500 + and still growing. On average, I get thousands of views for each video. Making my fishing vlogs was an extension to my pleasure fishing videos that were made and produced in 1989  for the public, so in effect I have been making fishing videos for over 33 years. In recent years, Videos have become a great tool for promoting all type of businesses, and fishing is no exception.  Viewers can watch from the comfort of their armchair before making a decision.

I am now offering my experience to the fishing community, whether it’s a club, an association or a commercial business. My fees are very low in comparison to companies offering the same. For Just, £250 I come to the venue and film the fishing, either myself or with the help of its members. Afterwards, I produce a finished video using the latest software and add sound effects that could include a voice-over, background music and text overlay describing more about the fishing and the venue. Adding details of how to get there, telephone numbers, website and contact details are important. Please view a few samples below.

After producing the video, that may take a day or two, I then upload to the youtube platform for viewing where the video can then be embedded into any website, social media such as Facebook, twitter, instagram etc…

To book a date and time for your promotional video, either call me on 07532191508 or email:


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